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Kombi S 36 Wave
Kombi S 50 Wave

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The standard for 20 years. –
Wave optimized.

Our combination blades

The S 36 Wave and S 50 Wave combination blades have been used on the streets of Europe for over 20 years and have set new standards in the field of snow removal. The material composition features a hard, wear-resistant and smooth scraping ceramic core integrated in the rubber. This reduces friction to decrease fuel consumption and noise while protecting the road surface. Our proven products are subject to constant quality monitoring, which allows us to maintain high standards when it comes to the dynamic development and optimisation of our products.

  • Combination blade made of special wear-resistant steel, rubber and ceramic
Fields of operation
Country road
Car park
  • Good scraping properties
  • All types of snow
  • All road surfaces*
  • With wear indicators
  • *Except cobblestones
Special characteristics Kombi S 36
  • Long service life
  • Minimal fuel consumption
  • All types of roads
Special characteristics Kombi S 50
  • Very long service life
  • Reduced fuel consumption

Far superior durability: The Küper Kombi S36 Wave lasts at least 250% longer than conventional steel blades. The Küper Kombi S50 Wave is an impressive 350% more durable.

  • Corundum

    The second-hardest mineral in the oxide category. It is especially suited for use as an insert in highly abrasionresistant snowplow blades. Ceramic moulded parts are produced specifically for our various types of blades.

  • Steel

    This special wear-resistant steel is quenched and tempered to 400 Brinell and has a tensile strength of 1350 N/mm² (200000 P.S.I.). It stands up to the toughest jobs.

  • Rubber

    These grades of rubber were developed especially for extreme road requirements. They are extremely wearresistant, flexible and elastic to adapt effectively to the surface of the road.