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The plug system for quick, robust connection with standardised components.

Versatile and easy to mount

The VARIA plug system features strong yet easy-to-install standardised components. The clamp-on screen panels are made of KÜPRENE, GK-SOFT, GIGANT or CLEAN, depending on their area of application. The standardised construction makes it possible to use a variety of surface materials on one screen deck, which frequently offers practical advantages. Adapter bars attach the clamp-on screen panel to the supporting structure. The screens are easy to insert, lever out or slide in and out from the sides.

The adapter bar also protects the steel supporting structure from wear. The VARIA plug system is not only suitable for installation on new screening machines, but is also ideal for refitting existing systems. No additional parts are required for installation and removal. VARIA requires practically no maintenance and is extremely cost-effective.

  • Robust steel substructure
  • Panels made of rubber or polyurethane with conical holes, highly resistant to wear and tea
  • Very easy to install 
  • Adapter bars protect
    substructure against wear and tear 
  • Various screen surface
    materials possible on one screen deck
  • Suitable for initial equipment and conversion
  • Very efficient 
  • Can also be equipped with wire screens 
Special characteristics
  • High level of cost efficiency thanks to low changeover costs 
Replacement time

Shorter replacement times and lower
replacement costs are the reasons for the higher levels of cost effectiveness of Varia compared to other screening systems. 

  • Gigant

    Moulded vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 60 Shore A. Very abrasion resistant and elastic.

  • Küprene

    Wear-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of 90 Shore A. Elastic and impact resistant. Resistant to water and many chemicals.

  • Clean

    Moulded vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 35 Shore A. Highly flexible  and abrasion resistant.

  • GK-Soft

    Polyurethane in various hardnesses up to 85 Shore A. Wear resistant and elastic.